EZ-LINK™ Serial Configuration System

Elevator Controls serial communication system provides an alternative to discrete wiring for either car signals, hall signals, or both. Mix and match serial and discrete connectivity to custom tailor the most effective and economical solution for each application.

Ez-LINK provides separate individual channels for car and hall signals to increase reliability. Proven electronic signal transceivers are used, with independent transmit/receive lines, to maximize dependability.

Car node circuitry concentrates all signals – except for critical safety circuits – to optimize the effectiveness of wire count reduction.

COP and cartop boards are automatically configured by each controller’s main microprocessor. Since individual node programming is not required, installation (and any board replacement) is simplified. Car, hall and cartop nodes work with – and are interchangeable – across all control types.

Car Operating Panel Node Board

The Ez-LINK car node is a compact board that installs inside new or existing car panels. Convenient connectors facilitate quick and easy wiring. For applications with auxiliary car panels, the node board is provided with a fl at cable for quick connection to the auxiliary panel board. Modular design simplifi es capacity expansion for higher rise buildings. Use the car panel node board in combination with the cartop node board for maximum serial integration of discrete signals.

Hall Node Board

The Ez-LINK hall node device fits easily into new or existing hall stations. The node board is provided with multiple mounting options. Hall node programming is accomplished via onboard, addressable switches – no external tool is required.

Cartop Node Board

The Ez-LINK cartop box effectively concentrates all signals from car panel, selector, door operator(s), inspection station, and cartop for serial connectivity. De-pluggable connectors on the cartop board are arranged to mate with quick connect wiring harness conductors for car and cartop signals. Independent transceiver channels maximize data transfer rate while improving reliability and response time.